Court Marriage in Lahore & No.1 Court Marriage Registration Services in Lahore

Court Marriage in Lahore, Pakistan was initiated by Pakistan Law Forum in the year 2021.

Court Marriage in Lahore & No.1 Court Marriage Services in Lahore. : Our civil marriage/court marriage section also provide online Nikah/online marriage services. Our group started court marriage services in Lahore, Pakistan in 2021 by a group of family lawyers called Pakistan Legal Forum, led by Mohsin Ali Shah. Since 1985, our group has been providing court marriage services to Sindh in Karachi. 

Court Marriages are Legal Marriages in Pakistan

Court marriages are legal marriages, but they were previously known as civil marriages. Our law  company offers its clients legal marriage documents as well as court marriage services, protecting them from any legal issues that might arise.

court marriage in lahore pakistan
Court Marriage in Lahore & Our Court Marriage Services in Lahore Office. Our civil marriage/court marriage section lahore provide online nikah/online marriage Court Marriage in Lahore & Our Court Marriage Services in Lahore

Court Marriage in Lahore

Location of the Lahore Court Marriage Office Near Model Town Courts

Lahore‘s Court Marriage Office is located in the well-known area of the city, which is called “Model Town Courts” (Model Town Katchehry). From anywhere in Lahore, it can be reached easily.

Court Marriage in Lahore & our law company’s court marriage services from our Lahore office are being provided for a couple of years. Our civil marriage/court marriage section also provide online Nikah/online marriage services. 

Our Lahore office staff can solemnize your Nikah by way of court marriage. Please schedule an appointment one day before your court marriage program, so that we may ensure that our Nikah Khawan will be available. We will conduct your court marriage within 17 minutes, saving you time.

How to Perform Nikah for a Court Marriage?

According to Islamic Shari’a, we perform the Nikah in a small gathering, with two Muslim witnesses who are sane and adults, and then have it registered at the official Nikah Registrar. The newlyweds are given the Nikah documents once they have been properly registered. You and your spouse must sign a legally registered Nikah Nama and include at least two witnesses, as well as the Nikah Khawan and your Nikah Registrar.

Computerized NADRA Marriage Certificates are an Additional Service, We Offer

Additionally, we offer you the option of applying and obtaining your Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate from your local Union Council/Municipal Committee/Arbitrary Council after the solemnization of Nikah. A computerized Nadra Marriage Certificate is not necessary for everyone, but it is required when applying for a foreign visa.

All Major Cities in Pakistan have Our Court Marriage Offices

Our court marriage offices are located throughout Pakistan, so couples planning a court marriage can begin the process with ease. Use the contact information on this page to get in contact with our team. Our team will contact you as soon as possible if you use our online form for any further information.

Court Marriage without the Need to go to Court in Lahore

  • A court marriage is a valid and legal union of a couple.
  • A court marriage is a simple procedure.
  • Cost-effectiveness is the hallmark of court marriages.
  • A court marriage is a convenient way to get married.
  • A court wedding is a fast way to get married.
  • A court marriage is a safe way to get married

Our Inter Action Team for Court Marriage in Lahore

We have a team of experienced employees dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. Inter Action Team understands that you have many choices when it comes to where and how to get married in Lahore, and we want to make sure that you choose us for your court marriage services, since we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results.

  • Customer service is our top priority, and our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable about the law. Throughout every step of the process, they will ensure that nothing is missed on your big day!
  • Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with government officials who can help us issue necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently so that your ceremony will go off smoothly!

Court Marriage Process in Lahore

  • Both the bride and the groom must be present at the same time.
  • A minimum age of 18 must be met by both parties.
  • Neither party can be a non-Muslim. For non-Muslims, we have a little different procedure. Please call us, if you are not Muslim.)
  • It is not permitted for both parties to be married (polygamy is allowed for men, with certain restrictions).
  • Family connections (siblings, parents, children) cannot exist between the parties.

The Application Form For Issuance of Computerized Marriage Certificate, From the Arbitrary Council or Union Councils of Lahore

  • In Lahore, the Arbitrary Council or Union Council office offers the marriage registration form. We provide the marriage registration form as well.
  • English and Urdu versions are also available.
  • It is available as a computer printout.
Court Marriage in lahore Pakistan
Court Marriage in Lahore & Our Court Marriage Service in Lahore. Best civil marriage/court marriage section lahore provide online nikah/online marriage Court Marriage in Lahore & Our Court Marriage Services in Lahore

Documents Required for Applying a Computerized Marriage Certificate From the Arbitrary Council and Union Councils of Lahore.

Original CNICs with photocopies of the bride and groom

Original Marriage Contract (Nikah Nama)  (issued by Nikah Registrar office)

Original Passport (in case of a foreigner)

Photocopy of the CNIC of Father of Bridegroom

Photocopy of the CNIC of Father of Bride.

Court Marriage Services in Lahore are for you!

We, at Court Marriage Services of Right Law Associates, can handle the details of your marriage if you are looking for a professional firm. You can count on our team to make your court marriage successful, and we will get you married in line with Pakistani law.

The court marriage is a legal marriage performed by an official and legal practitioner and a  Nikah Khawan. There might have been a meeting between the couple before they applied together for mutual consent to getting married and to decide for mehar (dower money). It must be understood that they cannot be related by blood or any other means other than as cousins.

The Solemnizing of Nikah and Filling of the Nikah Nama Columns in our Office in Lahore

Nikah Nama is an important document used for a marriage contract, and it should be registered with the official Nikah Registrar and the Council of the Union to register the marriage. This document confirms that you are legally married, as it is the official record of your wedding. This form needs to be filled out with great care, and we do it!

The Nikah Nama is a Legal Marriage Contract between the Marrying Couple. We complete it's all Required Sections at our Lahore Office

The marriage contract is called Nikah Nama, and is signed by the bride and her groom. Nikkah nama is a legal document that is used to register a wedding, and it must be filled out correctly if you want to get married in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Nikahnama means “marriage contract” in Urdu, and it’s also known as an Islamic Wedding Certificate or Islamic Marriage Certificate.

We can assist you in all the necessary paperwork for your Nikahnama if you want to get married in Lahore, Pakistan. You can even have your marriage registered with the NADRA, a government agency for civil registrations, so that it will be recognized both by Pakistani law and by the laws of other countries to which you may travel or settle later.

Application for Marriage Registration with the Arbitrary Council or some rural area’s Union Council, Lahore

You can apply directly, or through us, for computerized marriage registration with Union Council:

Please submit your application to the relevant Union Council or Arbitrary Council along with all necessary documentation. An application must be accompanied by a cash payment of the registration fee. The Arbitrary Council/Union Council can issue the applicant’s NADRA Marriage Certificate later.

Receiving NADRA Marriage Certificate from the Arbitrary  Council, Lahore

  • NADRA marriage certificate is an evidence of your marriage and a very important  document for both parties.
  • You must go to the office of the Arbitrary Council/Union Council, where you applied for the NADRA marriage certificate. 
  • You must present the original receipt of your application as well as the cash payment slip to the Arbitrary Council/Union Council.
  • The counter clerk will hand over the computerized marriage certificate to you.
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